Welcome to M & P Trikam

M & P Trikam t/a Triple Nine Fabrics cc, since 1935, have been sourcing and forging relationships with suppliers from overseas to bring you, our loyal customers, the best in fabrics.  True to form, we have secured solid relationships, and through these offer consistancy and reliability in supplies.

It is important to us that you trust your purchase and consistency in colours.  This means that we will make the right purchasing decisions - and we know how important it is that from one batch to another your colours match.  And to our many customers across the country, this site is here to bring us closer to you, wherever you are. 

Please browse through our ranges and available colours.  We would love to hear from you in any regard, especially how this site has assisted in bring our range of fabrics to you.

PLEASE NOTE, that from one montior and computer to another, colours differ SO DO NOT RELY ON YOUR MONITOR FOR COLOUR ACCURACY.  Ask for a colour swatch to be sent to you.  Please read our Disclaimer on this subject.

The M & P Trikam Policy

M & P Trikam t/a Triple Nine Fabrics cc was established in 1935 and is built on sound policy and a loyal customer base. Our customers respect our policy of "Never promise something that cannot be delivered" and this has stood us in good stead over the course of time. We stand behind what we promise. The colour swatches shown on this website are purely for pattern and texture purposes and colours as seen through your monitor cannot and should not be taken as true colours. Please ask for a real swatch.

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